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Pop machine(SW-880)

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Pop machine(SW-880)


This Pop Machine is the world's finest diet puff making machine developed by SamWon Mechatronics Inc. Its outstanding exterior is smaller and lighter than conventional machines and it also features easy-to-operate interface allowing anyone to operate it with basic instructions. The puffs produced by the machine have a nutty taste with low fat capable of attracting customers of all age and gender. This is the perfect item to open a low-budget business with high profit expectations.

Produces puffs with wide range of taste to satisfy various consumer preferences. Uses a multitude of man-made rice to produce tasty, healthy puffs.


  1. Implements an automatic intelligent controlled heating system capable of producing puffs continuously for 5 hours or more with proper ingredient supply.
  2. Easy-to-operate interface allows anyone to operate the machine with basic instructions.


Department stores, supermarket, tourist attractions, expressway service areas, kindergartens, churches, main streets, apartment complexes, event halls (portable capability), etc.



300 x 500 x 510 (W x L x H)


220V, 50Hz



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Pop machine-SW-880-